Creations and achievements

As well as singing in Chandos Chamber Choir, playing video games, hiking in Norwegian mountains, learning Finnish and other fun stuff, here are some of the more productive activities I’ve done in my spare time…



  • Collaborated with other Softwire Javascript fans on an entry for the github game-off 2013. We made an environmental strategy game called Green Gauge, where you have to feed your little planet’s population by building farms and other facilities, while ensuring the survival of the planet itself for as long as possible.
    • We developed Green Gauge using node.js as a Javascript application platform, using jasmine, Squire.js (mocking) and karma for testing, grunt as a build tool/task runner and D3 for the geodesic sphere rendering, among other Javascript-y tools.
    • Note that Green Gauge is quite a stressful game and the only way to win is not to play…

Charity/social responsibility


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